Volumes in preparation

The project started in November 2011 and, at the moment, I have these numbers in preparation.

  1. An unpretentious session with Giada d’Occidente – The first issue was born almost as a joke after a half-hour shoot that came about quite casually after we met for other reasons. Images of 2021, in Italian.
  2. Cuts with Elettra Aurora Fucà – A journey of inner suffering that leads Elettra to cut herself with razor blades and knives. Images of the 2020, in Italian.
  3. My only nude with Ginevra Ratazzi – I rediscover my body, in front of a stranger, in a wood. Images of the 2020, in Italian.
  4. Rebirth with Christine Kershl – Reconnecting with myself. Images of the 2021, in English.
  5. Ghosts with Elettra Aurora Fucà (again!) – Souls in search of truth. Images of the 2021, in Italian.

Translations and any extra content are available on the dedicated page of my website.

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